Therapeutic exercise & hydrotherapy

In the early stages of treatment, exercises may focus on passive range of motion, to maintain joint health while your dog is restricted in activity following surgery or in the early stages of acute injury.

During later stages of rehabilitation, strengthening exercises are important to build up muscle. Exercises can also help older dogs maintain muscle mass and strength, which in turn maintains mobility as they age.

Therapeutic exercise for dogs
Imaginative use of household objects can encourage range of motion in your dog’s joints, and increase body awareness and coordination. This is helpful for a range of conditions.

Age and condition appropriate exercises will be prescribed and demonstrated during the treatment so you and your dog are confident and happy in carrying them out. All therapeutic exercises will specifically tailored for you and your dog and without the need for you to buy expensive equipment. Home treatments mean I can usually find some way for you to do the exercises using items in your home!

Specific exercise programmes can be produced for injury prevention, and for achieving optimum performance in canine athletes.

Dogs with neurological deficits can be helped through progressive exercises which increase their neuromuscular control and co-ordination.

I can advise where I consider hydrotherapy can help your dog (and it very often can), and offer underwater treadmill treatments in combination with your dog’s physiotherapy. Alternatively, I am happy to communicate with your selected hydrotherapy centre to ensure hydrotherapy and physiotherapy treatments work in tandem to achieve the very best outcome for your dog. I already have a good relationship with many hydrotherapy centres in Derbyshire, offer hydrotherapy treatments at Buxton K9 Hydro and am employed as a veterinary physiotherapist and hydrotherapist at Carnfield Hall Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy.