What does treatment involve?

Many dogs are stressed when visiting a clinic. I visit your pet in their own home, and at your convenience.

During the first visit I will aim to gain your pet’s trust, and carry out an initial base-line assessment. I will have your vet referral, and if necessary will have spoken to your vet. The assessment will be tailored specifically to your dog. I will have a range of assessment and therapy options available to me so I can ensure I select the one most appropriate to your dog’s clinical condition and, importantly, their personality.

Phototherapy can provide pain relief and promote wound healing
LASER can provide pain relief and promote healing

Home visits give the added benefit of allowing me to provide tips and advice for making adjustments in your home while your pet recovers from surgery or injury, or to make their senior years easier. I can also make sure that any exercises prescribed fit in with your home and lifestyle.

I will provide you with an owner report highlighting my main findings and outlining any important aftercare details. I will also describe any home exercises in this report.

I work closely with your veterinary surgeon providing reports after each visit. I can also liaise with hydrotherapists and other professionals, such as massage therapists. We will all work together for the benefit of your pet.