About Cara Canine Physio

What’s in a name?

Cara is my fiesty, now 9-year old, little Manytears rescue collie. She was a driven and talented agility dog but sustained an injury, probably from a fall in 2014. I knew something wasn’t right, although the early signs were so small that everyone thought I was imagining them, and I had to video her brief bouts of lameness as she never showed any clinical signs during examination. Cara is anxious and fearful about being examined which added to the difficulty of diagnosis and treatment. More than one consultant referred to her as an ‘enigma’!

The whole experience fuelled my interest and passion in canine injury and rehabilitation, one that ultimately resulted in a complete career change. Veterinary physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy, was key to Cara’s rehabilitation. Importantly, veterinary physiotherapists were able to spend time building up her trust, which was vital in being able to treat her and assess her progress. I loved my visits to the veterinary physiotherapist. Eventually Cara did too.

My dogs mean everything to me, as yours do to you. My commitment to you is to treat your dog in exactly the way I would want mine treated when visiting a veterinary physiotherapist.

Give me a call to see if I can help you and your dog!

Audra with Cara

Audra Hurst AdvCertVPhys MIRVAP
Canine Physiotherapist

Cara Canine Physio - Treating your dog as I would my own