Cara Canine Physio in North Derbyshire

Please contact me on 07846 024286 or the contact form to discuss how I may be able to help your dog.

Member of IRVAPCara Canine PhysioI am a Canine Physiotherapist based in Leek and I carry out home visits in a wide surrounding area including Buxton  and North Derbyshire.

I am a fully qualified and insured veterinary physiotherapist, with a postgraduate qualification (Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Physiotherapy). I am a full member of The Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists (IRVAP).

Great help for Arthritic Dogs

Audra has helped my greyhound, who suffers with arthritis from an old racing injury, to keep fit and healthy. She responds to the needs of the dog and is very gentle with her. Greyhounds are not the most compliant of dogs to treat. They tend to go their own way!!!!

Margaret Large

Bouncey Brie again

A huge thanks to Audra, she has been treating my 12 and a half year old golden Labrador, who has some arthritis in her hips and feet. After three sessions of physio and hydrotherapy she is a greatly rejuvenated girl, acting about 5 years younger, literally skipping about, wanting to play. It is as if a weight has been lifted from her – she’s really happy and full of the joys of spring. Thank you for giving my younger girl back.

Karen Green

Very gentle & caring

Audra was so gentle & caring – I think Clover thought she was having her own spa treatment! Highly recommend 🙂

Gill Flynn

Ted’s spa day

My name is Ted and I’m a 13 year old Labrador. I go to see Audra for hydrotherapy and physiotherapy at Carnfield Hall to help with my old legs. It’s just like a spa day to me and I’m so eager to get there and happy to see Auntie Audra. After the humans have had a chat about how I’m doing I get into the pool with her and as I swim around she talks to me and checks that I’m moving ok. We have a little rest between laps, (to get my breath back, they tell me) and Auntie Audra gives me a cuddle. After I’m dried, I sometimes have physio too. Aaah…. luxury, it’s soooo relaxing I have been known to fall asleep. Note from Mum… Audra has a lovely manner with the dogs and Ted is so relaxed and at ease with her. The service is professional, very caring and friendly and highly recommended.

Pam Turner

The Canine Athlete seminar

Everyone really enjoyed the talk, they all felt it was an eye opener. They were all thinking about the make-up of their dogs and the training routines they had.

Cyanne Wilcox, Newton Heath Dog Training Club

I am also a qualified small animal hydrotherapist (Level 3 Certificate in Small Animal Hydrotherapy).

As well as running Cara Canine Physio, I work as a veterinary physiotherapist and hydrotherapist at Woof & Ready in Glossop. Clinics at Woof & Ready run on a Monday and you can contact them directly.

I also carry out treatments in the Sandbach/Crewe area and hold clinics and sports dog workshops at Dig It Dog Training Club, where I  also hold hoopers workshops and teach tracking and UK Dog Sports .



Canine Conditioning Workshop

Conditioning helps improve performance and prevent injury…and is fun! This workshop looks at 3 key elements of canine conditioning-strength, proprioception and flexibility. In this 3 hour workshop you will learn the ‘rules’ of conditioning and how to: -carry out exercises correctly and safely -target strengthening for specific areas needed for your sport -improve body awareness …


Obtaining veterinary consent is essential before I can treat your dog

You can download this Consent Form, or I can contact your vet directly if you prefer. If your dog is insured, physiotherapy often forms part of your cover and I can complete your claim forms. Please check your policy.

Please contact me on 07846 024286 or by using the form below to discuss your dog and their needs.

Audra Hurst AdvCertVPhys MIRVAP
Canine Physiotherapist