I have trained and competed in a number of canine sports including agility, obedience and working trials.  For sports dogs, an understanding of the demands of their sport helps me to understand and manage injuries as well as guide you in conditioning your dog.

However, I also think it is important to understand the emotions of your dog, how this affects their behaviour and what influence pain has on this. I have become increasingly interested in this and have undertaken courses with illis Animal Behaviour Consulting

And, of course, my dog training experience allows me to help you with any physio exercises I give you!

I love sports and activities which are low impact, and which calm dogs and fulfil natural desires, such as foraging and seeking. I currently offer training in tracking. Tracking is my favourite activity-my dogs’ too! It is an excellent and low impact activity which all dogs enjoy. Tracking also helps reduce anxiety and over arousal in dogs, and this is often key in managing rehabilitation in active, young or working dogs.

I also offer UK Dog Sports training. This is a new sport, based on working trials but accessible to almost any dog, and involves scentwork, obedience and agility. Take a look at on facebook UK Dog Sport    if you think you might be interested.

Training groups (both tracking and UK Dog Sport) take place in Sandbach and Middlewich. I also run some Hoopers workshops at  Dig It Dog Training

Hoopers is really a low impact form of agility and is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. It involves courses of hoops, large diameter tunnels, barrels and target mats. It’s very low impact with no jumping or tight turns, and so is ideal for dogs that can’t do agility but would love to!

It’s easier on the handler as well as the dog- in hoopers the emphasis is on distance handling.